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AEV and Ranbar sign North American Licence agreement

On 3rd February 2010, AEV Ltd of the U.K and Ranbar Electrical Materials Inc of the U.S.A signed a licence agreement to cover North America. The licence will allow Ranbar to sell and produce the full range of AEV's UL listed materials and adopt the UL systems which are incorporated within.

The main product lines involved include traditional solvent based varnishes, solventless Polyester resins, and AEV's extensive range of 0 VOC Epoxy resins and Epoxy emulsions along with Epoxy and Urethane potting compounds.

This alliance will bring a new dimension to the North American market, allowing the customers choice of product and supplier from what has been a diminishing source of supply. Ranbar sold their Electrical materials business in 2004 and since then have continued producing coating resins for their customers in their traditional markets. Ranbar's re-entry to the electrical business is now possible since their non-compete has expired, and the alliance with a successful independent European manufacturer was a perfect solution. The synergies between the two companies work perfectly, both are family owned and consider the customer to be No.1.

AEV have been producing varnishes, resins and compounds for the electrical industry in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia for the last 125 years but have lacked any real presence in North America. This alliance will be the perfect solution.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Kemp, + 44 151 647 3322 ([email protected]) or Randy Russell Jr. + 1-724 864-8212 ([email protected]).