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Quimielectric Aquisition Through AEV Iberica

AEV IBERICA SL, a member of the AEV Group of companies, is pleased to announce that, following the completion of the company activities, QUIMIELECTRIC SL, has transferred its business portfolio to our company in order to offer continuity of supply to their existing customers.

QUIMIELECTRIC product range of varnishes resins and compounds for the electrical industry will be included in the wide range of products and solutions already available from the AEV Group, whose product range consists of:

- AEV ULTIMEG 2000 - Traditional insulating varnishes and resins.
- AEV ULTIMEG 2002 - Solventless epoxy impregnation resins.
- AEV ULTIFIL 3000 - 2 Component Polyurethane potting resins.
- AEV ULTIFIL 2001 & 2004 - 2 component epoxy potting resins.
- AEV AQUAMEG - Water based varnishes.
- AEV ULTICOTE - Coating finishes.
- AEV AYRODEV - In situ cleaning solvents and processes.

At the same time, the customers may benefit from our extensive experience in the field of the electrical insulation in the following areas:
- Full range of stocked Materials for Distribution & Conversion
- Conversion (cutting, machining, punching, etc) of rigid laminates and flexible insulation materials according to customers specifications and drawings
- Design, construction and turn-key installation of Vacuum and Pressure Impregnation plants (VPI), curing ovens and related equipment

We hope this decision will contribute to the consolidation of the growth trajectory that AEV Iberica has undergone with great success since its inception in 2001.

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