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:: Electric Motors
:: Stators & Rotors
:: Domestic Appliances
:: MV & HV Machines
:: Traction Motors
:: Transformers

Relevant products
Electric Motors
Product Benefits
U 250 Epoxy phenolic varnish
U 250H Epoxy phenolic varnish
U 370 High quality quick curing varnish
U 380 Excellent UL recognised varnish
U 376 Low viscosity, fast drying varnish
U 372 High build Alkyd air drying varnish
U 372H Class H air drying varnish
U 520 Low odour, high flash point single component resin for VPI
U 550 Low V.O.C. impregnation for low temperature process
A 300 General purpose VOC compliant water based varnish
A 850 VOC compliant water based varnish
U 2002L 0 VOC Epoxy impregnation
U 2002XT Silica filled epoxy resin for VPI impregnation