1. What is the capacity of my impregnation tank?

We have an easy guide to understand the volume of your tank whether it be round or rectangular.

Download the guide here for Rectangular Dip Tank Capicities here >>
Download the guide here for Round Dip Tank Capicities here >>

2. How do I maintain the varnish in my impregnation tank of solvent based varnish?

To successfully maintain a solvented varnish dip impregnation tank
please download the following guide here >>

3. Does AEV produce UL recognised products?

Yes, we produce both UL recognised impregnation products according to UL OBOR2
Download our certification here. Our file no is E220579

We also produce UL recognised potting compounds according to QMFZ2 for flame ret ardency specification UL94. Download our certification here.

4. How do I ship hazardous materials by air?

AEV have an in house IATA packing capability. This means that anything AEV produce can be packed quickly and cost effectively for shipment by air. Of course, the cost of the air-freightfor hazardous products is more expensive, however this is marginally offset by the limited cost of IATA packing made at AEV. Generally, if you ask an external source to pack your product, the costs will be high. Please contact our sales department for further information on 0151 647 3322.